Here’s to the boys finally getting a break!

but hopefully not too much of a break from each other~

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but i know my luck too well (z/h ficlet)

It takes Zayn an entire afternoon to finally escape the crowd of people stampeding backstage. He manages to find a single cigarette, a bit folded at the filter, while rummaging through the depths of his pockets. The tobacco is spilling through the narrow crease and he handles it with due care, sending Louis one of those gone-until-the-show looks. Louis eyes him sadly, nodding slightly to keep Paul from looking in their general direction. He tugs on the strings of Zayn’s hoodie when he wisps by, whispering “he’s on the left side of the building.”

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  • street performers AU
  • got a crush on the hairdresser and now my hair is slowly getting really short AU
  • we’ve been dating for three months and you’re only now telling me you’re a werewolf AU
  • ended up adopting like three dogs because that pet shelter employee…

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and there will be time (z/h ficlet-prompt)

Harry wallows in pits of self regret amongst the not-so bustling outskirts of a city brimming with uninterested and equally uninteresting faces. It’s been years since he’s seen the boys, especially Zayn, who’s fucked off to some remote island near the equator. And Harry’s not really well versed in approaching situations, like the reunion invitation that appeared in the mailbox early in the morning, so he decides to sleep on it, getting sucked in through the minuscule crevices of his month old mattress to this empty black void just when his eyes are fluttering shut, and his breath is evening out. 

He follows the light with the only ounce of practicality he has left and ends up in this cramped market, peeping through the empty spaces on the shelves to look at the only other person in the near vicinity: Zayn. And it’s a Zayn with a cool, wisp blonde running like an upward stream through his dyed hair. A Zayn Harry loves to remember on those solemn nights where the Coldplay from his next door neighbor’s resonates through his walls and muffles the sound of his shitty daytime television reruns. A Zayn that Harry is 100% sure he lost a long time ago, after trying to marry that Russian supermodel with the honest eyes and vindictive legs during their 5th world tour.

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take me out tonight (z/n)

It’s one dreary day in the middle of August, where the temperature is abnormally low and all this sporadic weather is really fucking with Niall’s body, so he decides to hit this small diner on their 4 hour break in hopes of scoffing down as much chicken broth as possible. Zayn joins him just because he can. It’s got flickering neon lights, streaked linoleum flooring, puke green booths with slashes 2 feet long across the upholstery, and a jukebox that barely hums over the insistent ticking of a clock. Zayn says he likes it, the feeling reminds him of his outdated aunt’s house. They order their lunch from a beautiful girl with long, curled eyelashes, whose name is, of course, Flo. By the time they’re done, Niall is pretty sure he might sneeze the noodles out of his nose, and Zayn just laughs at him, incredibly fond and ready to order the milkshake he knows Niall will want later on.

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zouis minific

In dire need of a 50k fic where Zayn and Louis meet each other during freshman orientation in high school— Zayn being that tentative, shy boy who’s incapable of dealing with stress and recently picked up the habit of smoking, and Louis that obnoxiously social kid who fishes in between the cliques already forming, like he’s known every single person in their grade for years.

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letmalikharrysdimples said:
Yooo i will pay you (not really bc i'm kind of perpetually broke) but for real could you just go on and write that r&b/studio intern story like pretty please bc just the picture you painted for us is amazing i need more!!! <3

Maaaan I would totally be down for that! But, I’ve got this other fic going on right now and I’m starting uni soon, so there’s that. I’m totally willing to write like snippets every now and then tho, until I can get my stuff together or someone decides to tackle it! So, if anyone wants it, feel free to write the shit out if it!

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haha someone kill me really

AU where Zayn is this sad r&b artist disillusioned with the music industry and Niall is the cute studio intern who seduces Zayn into an instant friendship by tripping over giant racks of CDs and spilling coffee inside the sound booth. Niall also spends nights pouring over old material with Zayn, trying to help him regain that old sound he misses in his music so much. And Zayn basically falls in love with the dude because how can he not, especially when Niall saddles up to him every morning with a coffee in one hand and a 90s mixtape in the other, saying shit like “i know you would like this” or “maybe we should sample this for a track.” And after years of Niall saying “bro, we should make an album of our own,” and Zayn sleepily replying “that would be sick, man” they finally do and the media goes absolutely fucking nuts, naming them the dynamic duo of the year while slapping them with titles like “pioneers” and “power couple.” So, it’s basically no surprise when they start their own label and move in together for the “purpose of their joined musical careers.” And they keep on smashing it single after single, dominating the whole music scene until one lazy day in the middle of their living room, they kiss with the last track of their unreleased EP playing in the background, and Zayn falls even more in love, which he didn’t think was even possible, and Niall chuckles because they could have been doing this the entire time.

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Title: The Feud
Artist: The Front Bottoms
Played: 1759 times

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